Donnerstag, 26. Dezember 2013

Dreamcatcher 26.12.2013

"Don't dream your Life - Live your Dream" 
or just: "catch your Dream"

3 steps to catch your Dream:

  1. Have a Dream: Think about yourself. What makes you happy? What do you want to reach in your life? What do you need to reach that? Why don't you already have it? How will you get it? Everybody has his/her own dream. Never try to copy a dream from someone else because you are individual and you should have an individual dream. Choose your dream carefully, by considering your abilities and talents and be sure that you really want it. 
  2. Hold on to your Dream: Carry your dream with you, think about it from time to time. Keep it in your mind and if it's necessary, then deform it a little, so that it always fits to you perfectly. 
  3. Go for your Dream: Now that you are absolutely sure, that your dream is what you want, catch it! Don't hesitate to reach for the stars. Believe in yourself and never let you irritate from anybody else! You can do that, for sure!

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